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Mindfulness, Movement and Meditation

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Mindfulness Movement and Meditation (MMM) is a six week course suitable for all regardless of age of level of fitness.

MMM introduces participants to the foundation practices of mindfulness: mindfulness of the body and sensations as well as mindfulness of thoughts. As this practice becomes more embedded through experiential learning, students then progress to develop more clarity around their meaning and purpose in life and establishing a more balanced attitude in their daily life especially in relation to former negative patterns that no longer serve.

By the end of this course students will be given the tools and information to:

  • use simple techniques to reduce stress and relax during stressful situations

  • know how to question unhelpful thought processes, quieten the 'chattering mind' and avoid too much rumination/over-thinking

  • overcome negative patterning and be inspired to live up to their true potential

  • understand through experience what mindfulness means and see how mindfulness practised regularly can be transformative

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